Pics from Tunisia, autumn 1999

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Travelling to Tunisia

start in Munich - Martin in Feldkirch - Tunis harbour

Dahar mountains

at a cafe - Martin refuelling - Ksar El Hallouf - in a oued - sunrise seen from Bir Soltan

Matmata - Hotel Les Berbers

Bike and luggage

Ksar Ghilane

fun in the dunes: Frank's bike - Frank himself - Martin - Martin - Andrea - Roland with Andrea - Thomas

at the spring - camp Le Paradi - Bavarian and Arabian clothes (Michi, Roland)

Repairing Frank's bike in the dessert

Bir Soltan

the cafe - Roland telling jokes - the others laughing


Douz - Hotel 20 Mars

parking our bikes in the hotel at night - having a party

Chott El Jerid


Gruppo Foto

sitting in front: Roland, Andrea
center row: Michi, Frank, Stefan, Martin
standing in the rear: me, Thomas


the oasis - the fall - Hotel Les Cascades


lunch on the road - Place des Martyrs - souk

Sidi Bou Said

village - known and unknown guests at the Hotel Bou Fares


seen from Sidi Bou Said - at the harbour, Michi with two Libya travellers

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